How to Fuck up with Grace Tomasin Marshall

You know those times in your life where you mess up so bad, you should just have ASSHOLE written across your forehead. Well that is me right now. You feel like a fuck up.


But thankfully I am one to look for the gift in every situation…and this one holds a big old gift. I also want to say that I have incredible friends that I can share the real deal with who don’t judge my asshole-ness but rather guide me into forgiveness…very important quality in friends.

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Tomasin Marshall Fear False Evidence Appearing Real

Fear is our brain telling us to fight or flight.

Fear is our brain saying to us this is a live or die situation.

Fear tells us to curl up in a ball, and play dead till the threat moves on or fight to survive.
What fear really does is makes us shut down, throws us into procrastination, tells us we have no business going where we are going. Or tells us to put our dukes up, defend ourselves and what we perceive as “right”

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