About Me


For the past 12 years I have had the great privilege of helping people transform their physical wellbeing as a certified personal trainer and certified holistic counselor. However I always felt that their was something that was missing. As a young child, since the age of 4, I have had the gift of sight or knowing. As a child this terrified me. As an adult I have come to a peaceful acceptance and have taken the steps to share this gift with the world as an Intuitive Healer and Transformational Empowerment Coach and Speaker.

When I was three my father began molesting me, it changed me forever, it stole my innocence. By the time I was 8 the anger and rage I held inside had taken over. As a teenager I turned to alcohol, drugs, food and sex for comfort, finding only self destruction. At the age of 19 I battled my first bout of suicidal depression. I’ve been homeless,  in countless dead end abusive relationships, institutionalized, knowing what it means to hate myself so much I wanted to die. I walked this earth until I was 26 with a pain and fear that made my every decision for me.
At 26 God interviened as I was sitting in my second mental instituition. Twelve years ago I let God into my life and together we began a journey of healing, self discovery and transformation.
Today using my God given gifts,  I am able to support and guide individuals in healing and transforming their lives. We were born to THRIVE. My passion and purpose is to empower you to live your life’s purpose, to live through LOVE, no matter what your past has been.
​Today I can authentically say that I am grateful for all the challenges and experiences in my life. I love who I am, who I have become and who I am evolving into.
My creator, took the ugly in my life and transformed me into a magnificent masterpiece. Are you ready to create your master piece?


-Charles F. Ketterig