Get Your Crazy kindness On!!!

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The first half of my life I was a taker. I was in constant survival mode. Always looking out for me, reeling with lackful mindset. When I hit rock bottom, I knew I had to change everything. Over the past 12 years there is one thing that all the teachers I have studied and studied under kept repeating. Become a giver, be a blessing, give kindness away wherever you go without any expectation of receiving anything back. Ready to get your CRAZY Kindness On!?!?!

This way of thinking goes against most of societies way of being. We as a nation are built to be competitive. We are being bombarded on a daily basis to be consumers/takers. Most walk around focused on what they don’t have, what’s wrong with their life, how to go about fixing it or simply ignoring it and masking the pain of what they are feeling with all sorts of outer substances. What we focus on always expands. So if we are always in the focus on me mode, focus on my problems mode, focus on all that’s wrong mode…we usually tend to get a whole lot more of that.
When I began my climb out of the depths of hell, the first thing I was taught was when I was in the thick of the problem, was to go and help someone else, go be kind, give of myself, go be a blessing to someone. Another wards get out of my stinkin thinking.
Our mind will naturally resist this, it wants to keep you in the chaos, craziness, keep you spinning in circles. But if you have decided that you are willing to do whatever it takes to change, then you will tell your resistance to quit it’s bitchin.
EVERY time I chose to be a giver when I was in the thick of a problem that was eating me up, I got to bless someone, and EVERY time I was blessed in return. And 99% of the time the problem organically worked it’s way out. Solutions came with ease and grace, or the problem simply disappears.

It may be giving your ear, speaking uplifting encouraging words, giving a compliment, buying a stranger a cup of coffee, anonymously giving to someone in need financially, giving your old car when you get a new car to a family who doesn’t have a car and is in desperate need. Whether it’s big or small, giving is giving. And when you give, when you are kind, when you are a blessing to others, God will always bless you back in the most amazing spectacular ways.

I’m not going to lie, even after twelve years I still sometimes resist this, it takes practice and it takes remembering. Remembering how freakin good it feels to be a giver, how good it feels to make someone smile, how good it feels to contribute to someone in a positive uplifting way, how good it feels to catch someone off guard with a sweet blessing.
When you become a giver, even if it’s small it changes your perspective from lackful thinking to more then enough thinking, and when you are in a state of more then enough thinking and feeling, that is when the universe shows it’s magic.

I have put a challenge out for my kids for the next seven days. People are brought into our lives for reasons. I have challenged my boys to be a blessing to those who are brought into their path each day. To BE kindness. Kindness is contagious. When you commit to one act of kindness a day, it seems to grow and flourish. Each day they will dish out a random act of kindness, and each day they will write about their experience and how it felt.

So friends for the next seven days, commit to one random act of kindness a day, relish in how good it feels and see what happens with your life. My hope is that the kindness bug bites as many people in the ass as possible.

Much love and light.
Your Miracle mama Tomasin

What You Focus On Expands

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8f009d4fec693ebd459f9debaf1769c3Over the years I have been on a quest to change everything. It’s been 12 years since I started this journey, and let me tell you, choosing the high road isn’t always easy, especially when you have been programed your whole life for failure. When I say failure I mean growing up without emotional, physical, mental or spiritual support, lots of anger and rage all around you, finding comfort in alcohol, drugs, sex, food, etc. Always having the mind chatter of failure, can’t, unworthy, stupid, unloved…I think you get the point, and I think many of you reading this can relate. What you focus on expands, and I was expanding in some seriously dark shit.


For me it’s an on going effort each day to help my brain remember what the truth is. That I am loved, I am amazing, I am smart, I am beautiful just the way I am, I can do anything if I so choose.

So HOW do I remind myself on a daily basis of my worth, my value, that I am indeed amazing in so many ways, because lets face it I am, and so are you. No matter what the past is, no matter how much we have screwed up or chosen a way that is not supportive to who we are, we always get to chose again each day.

Todays blog is dedicated to affirmations. There are two ways I like to use affirmations. Listening to them and mediating on them.

One of my favorite affirmations to meditate on is:

I AM the MASTER of my fate.

I AM the MASTER of my soul.

I got this one reading about Oprah one day. As we all know her up bringing was not great. She said that she would say this to herself all the time growing up.

Another I love to Meditate on is St. Francis Prayer.

“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,

Where there is hatred, let me sow love;

where there is injury, pardon;

where there is doubt, faith;

where there is despair, hope;

where there is darkness, light;

where there is sadness, joy;

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;

to be understood as to understand;

to be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive;

it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;

and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.”


Why do I love using these two affirmations/prayer in meditation? Because what we think about, what we allow to absorb into our soul we eventually become.

I sit quietly and line by line, word by word I breathe it in. I am present with each word, and if I find myself drifting or thinking about something else, I simply pull myself back. Sometimes I get through the whole prayer without any distraction; sometimes I start again and again and only get through one line. Which is OK. It’s practice not perfection. Working your meditation muscles is no different then working out in the gym…the more you workout, the stronger you become.

Another great way I use affirmations is to fall asleep listening to them.

I have attached two of my favorites to listen to as I fall asleep. See below.

Try this for 7 days. Sit quietly for 15-20 minutes and really absorb the words above. Each night fall asleep to the words of the affirmations below and watch what starts happening to your inner dialog, watch what starts happening around how you care for yourself, what starts happening in your outer world. If you feel determined go for 21 days. It is scientifically documented that when you do something for 21 days it becomes a habit. Creating this habit will change your life….guaranteed!!!

50 positive Affirmations (Listen to now)

400+ Positive Affirmations (Listen to with earphones) 


Love and light,

Your Miracle Mama Tomasin:O)


Are You Craving Food or Love???

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DSC_0090 I had every intention to stick to my Isagenix 9 day cleanse.

I had just completed two cleanse days, completing my first shake day, feeling amazing, 6 pounds down, tons of energy…I am on a mission!!! Buuuuuttttt….don’t you love those buts:O).

Over the past few months I have gotten into the bad habit of numbing out after 8pm. I go through my whole day eating well, drinking enough water, yoga, workouts, meditations/prayer. But around 8 or 9pm I’ve been  flicking the conscious switch to off.

Last night I did this…I got my iPad and hopped on the oh so addicting netflix…I’m 100% positive that someone out there very soon will have a 12 step program for netflix, if it doesn’t already exist.

I mindlessly got up about 30 minutes into the show, and grabbed some potato chips and started noshing them down. After I had eaten quite a few, my son walks out and says “mom, aren’t you on a cleanse”?

Shit!!! I  get up put the chips away shaking my head . I wasn’t even hungry. I went back to my show. Fifteen minutes later I got up and poured myself a bowl of cheerios. Now I was conscious to what I was doing and doing it anyway. A case of fuck it I already ruined it.

I have been doing this for months, it was now a habit…netflix/T.V= mindless eating.

Again was not eating because I was hungry. So why the hell was I eating??? Here is what else I  noticed last night. I didn’t even want to be watching netflix. Before I started my show I had a very subtle soft pull in my belly to sit in silence for a few moments, which I chose to ignore. Spirit wanted to have a chat, but I clearly was not on board with that.

I also felt the pull of a book that has been staring at me wanting to be read, again just ignoring the inner voice.

How often do we do this? Numb out, use outside sources whatever they may be as a source to fill us up. Ignoring the pull of our inner voice and it’s guidance. I’m not talking head voice (EGO), I’m talking that very peaceful heart voice that most of us are completely cut off from.

Last night, God wanted to love on me, but instead of sitting and being nurtured from the inside, I mindlessly  went outside to a source  that could never give me what I was truly craving for.

Last night, my kids were doing their thing, I felt a faint hint of sadness, loneliness, that I was unwilling to actually  address. I think I have been carrying this sadness , check that I know I’ve been carrying this sadness for a few months now, due to an incident that occurred that I haven’t been willing to fully allow myself to process. Why deal with the uncomfortableness of the issue I need to get with when I can just numb out….RIGHT???

So instead of getting on my meditation pillow and internally getting loved on…I went outside of myself to fill the discomfort I was feeling with Netflix and mindless eating. Can you relate?!?!?

I believe that we are in a love epidemic. We are more obese then any other nation and I 100% believe that it is because our love tanks are in the negatives.

I believe that our addictions are simply a cry for love. A love that can only be fulfilled from deep within.

This morning I woke up and recommitted myself  just for today to choose love moment to moment. To allow my inner guide to lead my coarse.

The first step for me is becoming aware, shining the light on that which has been hiding. The second step for me is prayer, being willing to ask spirit for help with what I am struggling with (surrender). The third step for me, is to trust. When I become willing to surrender an addiction, or  give up something that is blocking me from source, my prayer is ALWAYS answered. ALWAYS!!!

If you are struggling with an addiction whatever it may be, if you want help finding your inner voice (spirit), that which will guide you to truth and love, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am here to serve, help and support you.

Much love and light.

Your Miracle Mama,




Day 4 and 6 pounds down!!!

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Day 4 on the Isagenix cleanse, the brain fog is lifting, my energy is amazing, and I’ve already lost 6 pounds. Not bad side effects!!!

Two years ago I gave up putting Isagenix nutritional products in my system mainly because I was bored. My complexion got shitty, my immune system was compromised, I didn’t realize the brain fog I was walking around with and it became much harder to create lean body mass.

Two weeks ago I said fuck it, I’m going back to what I know works. I won’t lie, I wasn’t excited to do a 9 day cleanse…My brain was having it’s way with me. But after the first two days I remembered how much I loved it and missed it in my system. I was feeling the effects, feeling better and it charged me up!!!

I did take before pictures that I will post when I complete my 9 day.

Stay tuned…

Your Miracle mama,


Have Yourself A F*ck Fest

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fuck-itFor the past six months I’ve been going through a lot of inner change. Digging, surrendering, meditating, processing, accepting, well actually for the past 12 years…you know the deal…or maybe you don’t. Either way there has been lots of uncomfortable but very wanted change happening for this miracle mama in the past few months. I am a firm believer that what you think about you bring about, that we create through our thoughts, words and actions.

I get paid to help people change their perceptions, which shift their whole world.

I AM A POSITIVE FREAKIN PERSON…even when it’s killing me!!!

As many of you know I am all about sharing your beautiful authentic self with the world. Which means all of you…not just the happy go lucky you.

So what happens if you aren’t being so authentic but covering up your hurts, pains, frustrations,fears and heartaches, with positive bullshit or with faith that you don’t really believe in???

The other day I went to my good friends house, who might I add is someone who loves and accepts me as I am…another words she is a super safe person who I can get a little cray cray with. And she holds no judgment.

I walked in heavy, burdened, with lots of weight on my shoulders. We sat down to eat, we shared a few laughs, and all of a sudden I started roaring every thing that was completely pissing me off. I stopped and shook my head like it was bad. She laughed and said “no no keep going…this is what I love and value about you so much”.

For 10 minutes I went off, when I say off I mean I must have thrown out the f bomb over a hundred times.

Afterwards we started laughing hysterically, well she was laughing the whole time hysterically.

The great thing was that after I let it all out, with complete abandon, not giving a FUCK, the heaviness, the burden, the weight was gone. And all it took was a super charged fuck fest.

I am not a fan of stinkin thinkin, or festering in negativity.

I’m also not a fan on pretending or being fake.

And that is exactly what I was doing.

Pretending that my heart wasn’t hurting, pretending that I wasn’t scared, pretending that I wasn’t pissed to the core, pretending that everything was fine and fucking dandy.

The cool thing is, once I got real and let it out with someone safe…it totally lost all it’s fucking power!!!

So my loves….if you are hiding behind the positivity masks, trying to keep it together and just be positive…grab a friend and let it rip, grab a broom stick and go beat a tree, get real and let it out, let go of the bullshit, create the space within, and THEN go move mountains:O)

Love and light.

Your Miracle Mama,




Creating Success With Your Workouts

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How many times have you committed to getting in great shape only  to go back on your word after two or three weeks.

I watch so many people in the gym wonder around with no plan of attack. Mainly because they don’t even know where to start. It can be overwhelming, intimidating and frustrating. Walking into a gym with machines you have no clue how to use, and the hot chic or ridiculously in shape guy who clearly owns the space.


I want to tell you a secret. WATCH them. It’s OK they love it when people watch them, it expands their already very large heads:O)

If you feel brave enough, go up to them and ask them to show you the form or some moves that you can practice. As a trainer I am assuring you that even though we may look intimidating at times, people who love their bodies love to help others love their bodies. If by chance you ask someone who gives you attitude, fuck um, there an asshole:O)

Here are some pointer to help you succeed in creating lasting changes in your workouts.


You must create a plan, if you don’t, distraction comes in a steals all your good intentions. I like to plan my workout 3 weeks in advance. This is what my workout white board looks like on my wall. In need of Help with your workouts, shoot me an email at







If you can find an accountability partner that is great. However make sure this accountability partner is someone who will push you and not slow you down or be chatty catty.

Kick Ass music is essential and will inspire you into pushing a bit harder then you normally would. My favorite Pandora station is Martin Garrix Radio. Find something that just gets your blood pumping.

Make sure you are hydrating yourself throughout your workout. My favorite electrolyte drink to use is Isagenix-Want More Energy. If you stand up and feel dizzy or you get nauseous, it means you are dehydrated. 

I want to put a plug in for stretching and how crucially important it is. It is THE foundation in my opinion. Every day I incorporate Yin Yoga into my workout. I usually do this  after I meditate in the morning. Whether it’s 10 minutes or 1 hour…stretch your body!!

Watch out for new workout videos coming soon!!!

Love and Light,

Your Miracle Mama







Getting Back To What WORKS!!!

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It’s that time of year when my inbox is being bombarded for help in getting back on track in health and wellness and achieving fitness goals. One of the most powerful tools in my tool box is the Isagenix 9 day and 30 day nutritional cleansing and rebalancing system.

I used Isagenix for 10 years with my clients with amazing results that lasted. Two years ago, I think just out of boredom I stopped using it. Here is what happened. My complexion was the first to go, PMS became intolerable (just ask my kids), I had to work out twice as hard for the same results,my muscle seem to become a bit flabby, my energy went down hill. My immune system weakened, the result, my dormant Lymes disease came back to haunt me.

So back I go flooding my body with the highest quality nutrition that I have had the great fortune to work with. This is an invitation for you to join me:O)

Check out this short clip.

If you decide you want to join in on getting CLEAN and LEAN with me I am giving out two special gifts.

1) A Health and Body 1 hour intuitive session (value $200) or if you live in Sarasota/Bradenton a 1 hour Personal Training session. We will create a workout plan to assist you with your 9 day/30 day cleanse.

2) Each day I will be sending you guided support helping you fall head over heals in love with YOU!!!

If you are curious but aren’t quite sure…I GET IT!!! That is why I will be posting pics and keeping a journal to share as I go through my 9 day and 30 day Isagenix Programs. Keep an eye out for my results.

You may email me with any question at

You may also visit my website at to order your product today.

Love and Tons Of Healthy Light!!!

Your Miracle Mama,


Morning Hot Mess To Morning Bliss With My Kids

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About a year ago I wrote an article called Morning Hot Mess. Every morning I found myself driving home from dropping my two boys then 11 and 13 off at school exhausted, beating myself up for being short and getting frustrated and a lot of times flat out yelling and screaming at them. By 9am I was feeling like I needed a nap.

Consumed with guilt and shame and frustration, this was not the way of spiritual enlighten ones:O). Being a spiritual teacher I knew there was a better way, I just wasn’t implementing it. Why you may ask…laziness!!!

They say when the pain of the pain is greater then the pain of the change, that is when you will change.

My intention as a mom was to be the most authentic, real mama I can be, and that is not who I was being.

So here is what I did to change my morning hot mess to morning bliss with my boys.

First I had to own that I was 100% responsible. It wasn’t my kids fault for not listening or talking back to me, it wasn’t their fault when we were running late, it wasn’t their fault that I was going crazy because they were making me crazy.

I teach that our outer world is exactly what we perceive it to be. We create and attract on the outside that which we are thinking and feeling on the inside. Therefor I had to get real with what was actually going on within me consciously and unconsciously.

This took willingness, praying, and some serious time on the meditation pillow. Then I began to get the inner guidance on what to do daily to shift things. This was not a brain guidance. This guidance came from deep within, from the depth of my core.

I used to sleep till the very last moment I could, hitting the snooze button at least 6 times, using the excuse “I’m not a morning person”.  I was now setting the alarm for 5am and getting right out of bed..willingness!!!

I would brew my coffee and then go to setting the ambiance of my home. I would light beautifully scented candles, and turn on tribal flute meditation music. I then sat on my meditation pillow. I wrote out my gratitudes for 10 minutes, then would drop into my heart and set my intentions for the day.

Now for the first week, my boys complained because they were not allowed to pick up their phones until we left the house. I was part of that as well, no FB, email, or any other technology.

After about a week no more complaints. Things started to shift.

I would wake my oldest up first. After I would wake him I would go into my room with my coffee and wait. After his shower he  and the dog come flying into my bed. We Laugh, we talk, we cuddle. It’s our time together and it’s filled with love.

As he walks out the door to catch the bus I go to wake up my little one. I crawl into his little twin bed and spoon myself around him giving him tons of kisses on the cheek. We snuggle for at least 15 minutes and it’s the most delicious 15 minutes ever.

No more arguing, no more battles, no more resistance.

My mornings are complete BLISS and so are my boys.

That’s all it took a shift in my perception, but I had to be willing to take 100% responsibility and I had to be willing to do things differently.

I hope this inspires some Mama’s and Dad’s.

Love and Light,

Your Miracle Mama


Getting Orgasmic With God.

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th-9When I was 33 I had my white light moment with Jesus and God. It wasn’t in some church, it was at 7am in the morning, in my PJ’s with a stranger.

I will never forget it as long as I live, the feeling of complete humility, the knowing that I had no control , consumed with the scariest yet most exhilarating power. Like having an orgasm times 100.

The washing of my soul, the peace and stillness I’ve never experienced before, the weight of 1000 pounds being lifted off my shoulders in an instant.

When this happened I was not involved in church, I believed in God, but I put him in a very small box, and if I didn’t like what he said or he pissed me off, I simply ignored him, giving him the finger.

This moment did lead me to church and to experiencing and witnessing some crazy ass shit. Learning some amazing things, really coming to understand religion and why it turns people off so much, and the true teachings of Jesus.

Yesterday evening I got the nudge to listen to some praise and worship music, which I haven’t done in a while. Every so often God grants me the gift of his all-consuming presence.

As I sat on my couch I began to feel the weight in the room shift…it got heavy, not in a bad way, more of a humbling get ready way…I felt the tears rising in my eyes, my heart begin to beat faster, feeling like I couldn’t catch my breath…

For those who have experienced this…if you try to resist it, you know you can only do so for so long. I have learned to just let go and be his rag doll. Resisting is pointless, he’s going to have his way with you, might as well go with it.

I was now weeping uncontrollably, completely humbled in his presence, being reminded that I am not the one in charge, that there is a power that is so crazy powerful running the show, that I am loved more than I could ever imagine. It’s a love that, if I felt all of it would explode me into a million pieces.

It felt like only 10 minutes went by, I had no more tears left to cry, I was completely limp in the most feather like way, the air shifted, and a peace came over me that I cannot put words to. As I got up to go to the bathroom I saw the clock, it was 3 hours later. That’s how it works with God…Time doesn’t exist.

When I experienced this at 33, I was not seeking it, I simply had the willingness to surrender. My life was a wreck. I was dying on the inside. I was finally willing to admit I needed a help that no human could give.

The crazy thing about God’s grace that I’ve learned, is that we can’t beg for it,we can’t earn it or pray it into existence, and we never know when we will get it. We just have to be a willing vessel to receive it. It’s a gift, and God will give it to us when he wants at the perfect moment. Our job is just to be willing.

I always welcome these amazing orgasmic, intimate moments with him. The more I open my fists, the more they come.

If you have not experienced God’s gift of grace, if you are walking around knowing that somethings got to change, just open your fists, be willing to surrender, and watch what happens.

All my love,

Your Miracle Mama


Coming Out Of The Spiritual Closet

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Spiritual Gifts






  • The definition of clairvoyant is having heightened senses or being extremely perceptive.
A person who feels spirits is an example of clairvoyant.



A clairvoyant is defined as a person who is able to detect things that aren’t normally recognized by the senses.

An Empath is a person who can psychically tune in to the emotional experience of a person, place or animal. In the paranormal and in some works of science fiction and fantasy, highly developed empathy is a psychic ability to sense the emotions of others and often highly aware of the health and state of mind of their loved ones, no matter how physically near or far away the individuals may be.

In religion, a prophet is an individual who is claimed to have been contacted by the supernatural or the divine, and to speak for them, serving as an intermediary with humanity, delivering this newfound knowledge from the supernatural entity to other people. The message that the prophet conveys is called a prophecy.


I was four years old when I had my first clairvoyant hit. My grandmother brought me to her companies Christmas party. I remember being all dressed up. My grandmother  proudly  introduced me to her co-workers. She beamed as we worked the room together. I shook hands, smiled and charmed people with my charismatic character.

She brought me over to a short salt and peppered haired man, he had glasses, he resembled a cartoon character, I just didn’t know which one. The closer we got, the tighter my skin felt, my breath became shorter, my throat started to close. He bent down to shake my hand, as he cupped my little hand in his, a flood of horrific visions came flooding to my mind. Visions that I, as a 4 year old, had never been subjected to before. They were volatile, heinous, sexual acts that I will never forget.

I crumbled to my knees in terror grabbing my head screaming. My grandmother had no idea what was happening. She scooped me up and as I sobbed in her neck she ran me into the other room.

From that day on I ran from my gift, I tried to ignore it, hide it, pretend it wasn’t there. Unfortunately, I was not someone who could hide from their gift. Growing up, it caused much chaos and havoc for me, not knowing what “it” was, and not knowing how to channel it properly. I ran from it until I was 36 years old.

I was laying in bed one night feeling deflated, a bit hopeless, like something was missing. I decided before bed each night I would ask “why am I here?” Two weeks went by and I got my answer in a way I never expected. My gift came out in a powerful way and in front of a lot of people. And so it began. In the beginning it was all an experiment with willing participants. I saw things, felt things, knew things, I was able to tell people things I should never have known, I was able to see a clear path for people and was able to guide them according to what I was downloading, I could see what was blocking them from living their very best life, and was guided in helping them remove what I now call weeds, stories or blocks. I was able to channel those who have passed, and in doing so help heal relationships. The craziest thing was that it felt like I had been doing this my whole life. I suppose I had and just didn’t know it.

So now two years later I am taking my gifts very seriously, it is now my business that I respect, am so humbled and feel so blessed to serve the world with. I work with people on a personal level as well with businesses all over the country.

It isn’t easy living in this world with these gifts,It is a huge responsibility, the more I help people, the more I learn, the more I eccept and the easier it becomes.

Never in a million years would I expect my life to take this course. What a wonderful course it is.

I would love to hear from you. I know there are so many of you out there walking around with a hidden gift, afraid to let it out, questioning if you are crazy, wondering how on earth to use it. Leave your comments, I would love to support and empower you in any way I can:O)



Your Miracle Mama,